Prof. Erich Saling, FRCOG, FIAPM

“Father of Perinatal Medicine”

The Berlin professor Erich Saling is a significant pathfinder of the medical field called “Perinatal Medicine” which cares for mothers and infants before, during, and after birth.

In 1960 professor Saling performed the first direct examination of the unborn child, the “fetal micro blood analysis”, opening the door to prenatal medicine.

He is also the founder of the first national as well as the first international special society of Perinatal Medicine. His significant contributions led to the expansion of this specialty. The international community of colleagues therefore calls him the “Father of Perinatal Medicine”.

In 1988 the Berlin Senate distinguished professor Saling by awarding him the Ernst-Reuter medal for his services. In 2001 he was decorated with the Order of the Federal Republic of Germany, 1st class by the President of the German Republic, Johannes Rau. In 2000 the “World Association of Perinatal Medicine” established an award named after professor Saling as a special honor. This award is given every two years to the best scientist in the field of Perinatal Medicine. In May 2005 Prof. Saling has been elected as president of the new founded “International Academy of Perinatal Medicine”, and in September 2010 he was re-elected for the next five years.

Since the 1970s Prof. Saling was the Director of the Institute of Perinatal Medicine of the Free University of Berlin and the Director of the Department of Obstetrics in the Community Hospital Berlin Neukölln (Germany). During his responsibility over 60 000 children were born. In order to be able to continue his work to improve the health of mother and child, he founded the non-profit “Erich Saling-Institute of Perinatal Medicine e. V.”. Even after “retirement” he thus developed one of his best achievements: The Self-Care-Program for pregnant women.

Photo of Prof. Saling

HÖRZU title page, Nov. 18. 1978: Prof. Saling with babies

HÖRZU title page, Nov. 18. 1978

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